How to Understand the Aspect Ratio and its Examples?

How to Understand the Aspect Ratio and its Examples?

The aspect ratio is the ratio ratio is the ratio between the screen width and height. You need to represent the aspect ratio as 7:9. Here, the number 7 represents X, or the screen width, and 9 represents Y, or the screen height. You can choose a device or screen resolution according to your requirement’s.

How to Understand the Aspect Ratio and its Examples?

The aspect ratio is directly proportional to the image width and height. Different types of cameras have different aspect ratio capacities. So while choosing a digital camera or Android phone,. You need to know the aspect ratio to take a good picture or snap. The aspect ratio is reduced to the smallest of the regions to fit a screen.

The aspect ratio calculator assists in calculating the perfect pixel ratio of your device screen. So it is necessary to know the aspect ratio of the screen to take good snaps. presents the aspect ratio tool to find the screen resolution of different devices.

What is the Best Aspect Ratio for Printing?

For printing a document, the best aspect ratio is 2:3 and it is the most common. It provides the best quality of the printing object, for the poster printing or the canvas, 24 x 36 and 40 x 60 inches are used. It is the best example of the 2:3 option of the aspect ratio. Find the picture ratio of 2:3 with the aspect ratio calculator for better picture resolution. The 2:3 can be enlarged to a ratio of 40 x 60 according to the requirements of the size of the canvas or the screen.

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The Aspect Ratio of the Facebook Profile Picture:

You are commonly using the Facebook profile picture, you know there is a certain width and height of the Facebook profile picture. For example, when you are using the Facebook profile picture and want to find the aspect ratio by the aspect ratio calculator. Then by adding the values, we concluded the following aspects of the Facebook profile picture

Aspect ratio: 1:1
Size: 128 x 128 pixels (recommended for the Facebook)
Cover Photo:
Aspect Ratio: 19:6
Size: 820 x 461( Recommended for the Facebook)

Example 1:

Find the aspect ratio of the 7680 x 4320(8K UHDTV) with a width of 7680  and Height of 4320. The optional height is 3000.  Then what is the aspect ratio?  


Aspect Ratio =  7680:4220

Aspect Ratio =  7680:4220

Aspect Ratio =  768:422

Aspect Ratio =  16:9

The new height = 0.5625 x 3000

The new height = 1687.5

Original Dimensions = 7680 x 4320

New Dimensions = 33,177,600 Pixel



The aspect ratio calculator is a simple way to find the aspect ratio of your Mobile Phone TV, computer, or any device using the screen to display the images.

Example 2:

Find the aspect ratio of the HD iPhone (1920 x 1080). If the optional screen width is 400. Then find the aspect ratio height and pixel value of the screen.


Original Dimensions = 1920 x 1080

Aspect Ratio = 16: 9

New Height = 400 (0.5625)

New Height = 225

Other Results:

New Dimensions = 400 x 225

Pixels = 2,073,600

Mode = Landscape

The various sizes of the aspect ratios:

Here we are presenting the various sizes of the aspect ratio and how many pixels can be used in the screen to display. This is q useful way to find the aspect ratio and the number of pixels relative to it.

The aspect ratio calculator calculates the relative number of pixels on the screen. Here in this table are various screens used in mobile phones and cameras and their aspect ratios and pixel ratios. The common aspect ratios are described in the table below:

NameAspect ratioWidth (pixel)Height (pixel)
2160p (4K UHD)16:938402160
4320p (8K UHD)16:976804320


The aspect ratio is used to find the best quality of the picture and the required number of pixels are perfectly settled in the given height and width. The aspect ratio is necessary to find when designing the screen or displaying an image on a screen.


Why find the Aspect Ratio In the photograph?

Aspect ratio is a crucial element in photography as it is necessary to compose a photograph. Or how big or small your snap would be.

What dictates the Aspect Ratio?

The aspect ratio is dictated by the size of the camera’s sensor. For example, if your camera sensor is (36mm to 24mm). Then its aspect ratio is (3:2).

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