Network Switches in Government – A Comprehensive Study

Network Switches

Introduction: Network switches are used to connect devices present within a network. There are many kinds of network switches available. This system provides a better, more secure, reliable network having more control over data. These switches are also helpful for scenarios where high powered streaming services are used regularly. As all of the government sectors are digitalised now, the demand of network switches has increased. The need for network switches is quite high in government offices with a large number of users. Also, high end network switches are used to pass through high volumes of data in data centers. The government agencies in India have increasingly invested network switches in a large number in the recent years.

Network Switches

Annual Analysis of Network Switches Tender: During the last year, a total number of 2758 tenders for network switches were published by the government agencies in India. Of these, the maximum number of tenders were published in the state of Maharashtra at 355 tenders. Jammu and Kashmir ranked second in the list with 238 tenders, followed by Delhi with 189 tenders. Among these 2758 tenders, 697 tenders were published by the Indian Army, which is the top ranked agency in advertising most tenders last year. 187 tenders were advertised in the platform ePublish. This shows the increasing demand of network switches in the government sectors.

Network Switches in Defence Sector: It is very necessary to maintain a secured network infrastructure in the defence sector, because it is a matter of national security. The use of network switches makes everything easier and keeps everything under control. In the previous year, a total number of 857 tenders were advertised by the defence sector. Among these, the Indian Army published 697 tenders, and the rest 160 tenders were published by the Department of Defence. Such as, Indian Army published 155 tenders in Jammu and Kashmir last year seeking for bullet camera, optical fibre cable, port switch, WiFi router and etc. Also, the Department of Defence published 21 tenders in Maharashtra seeking for port switches, routers, LAN switches etc.

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Procurement of Network Switches in Security Purpose: Network Switches are often used in the purpose of security monitorization by installing CCTV cameras and monitors. Last year, the Airport Authority of India advertised 53 tenders for maintaining an intact security in the airports. For example, they released 2 tenders in West Bengal for the supply of outdoor fixed drone camera, PoE switch, LCD display, and cables and connectors. They also advertised tenders in other states, such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam and more, seeking for network switches.

Procurement of Network Switches in Education Sector: Network switches are necessary in the education sector to connect individual devices in an institution to one another and pass data between them, quickly and securely. It is also used in teaching purpose, and for the upgradation of classroom infrastructure. They are often categorised as unmanaged or managed switches. In 2023, a total number of 301 tenders for network switches were advertised by the government agencies in the education sector. For example, the Department od School Education and Literacy published a tender in Delhi for microphone, speaker, amplifier, DSP, camera, data cable and connectors etc. Even renowned universities such as, University of Calicut, Jadavpur University, University Hyderabad and many other universities advertised a total number of 31 tenders all together seeking for different types of network switches.

Ethernet Network Switch Tenders: An ethernet switch is a type of network device that connects cabled devices in an ethernet LAN. This allows devices to communicate with each other and to the internet. Last year, the government agencies published a total number of 240 ethernet switch tenders in various sectors. For example, Hindustan Petroleum in Maharashtra released ethernet switch, as well as in Punjab and Telangana. Also, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh; Directorate of Purchase and Stores in Madhya Pradesh sought for ethernet switches including other equipments.

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Contract Value of Network Switch Tenders: The estimated contract value for network switch tenders have not been published for a few cases. However, the estimated value of network switches widely varies. According to the data of the previous year, it started from Rs. 30 thousand and went up to Rs. 68 crores. For example, the estimated worth of the tender published by SKUAST in Jammu and Kashmir for network termination works was Rs. 30 thousand. Whereas, MD, RISL in Rajasthan advertised a tender seeking for network equipment and LAN infra with the estimated budget of Rs. 68 crores. This project had the highest estimated of last year in this category. Apart from this, there were many high budget tenders last year. Such as, Public Works Department advertised a tender in Ladakh with the estimated budget of Rs. 26.95 crores. Also, State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu released a tender with the estimated value of Rs. 25.55 crores. The estimated contract value of the projects largely counts on the requirements and the expenditure of the projects.

Live Tender Analysis: As of March 24, 2024, there were 93 live network switch tenders. Among these, Maharashtra ranked top with the maximum number of live tenders, which is 24. Madhya Pradesh ranked second in the list with 16 live tenders, followed by Odisha with 13 live tenders, as per shown in the graph below. Until March 29, 2024, the State government agencies and Public Sector Undertakings published Ethernet Switch Tenders and 263  Access Switch Tenders.

Conclusion: The above analysis shows that there is a noteworthy growing demand for the network switches in various sectors of the government. To maintain a vigorous and well-maintained infrastructure the government requires the network switches as much as any private sector. To perform every operation easily and successfully it is very important to have an upgraded network infrastructure. The government agencies in India have put the emphasis on this category because of these reasons. The demand for network switches will only grow in the coming years. Hence, the manufacturing firms have wide opportunities in front of them for this is highly profitable as well. So, the firms willing to take up these opportunities must keep an eye on these and use them.

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