How to Find the Best Items to Resell

Financial Planning

The success of a reselling business hinges significantly on one critical aspect: finding the right items to resell. Whether you’re a seasoned reseller or just starting out, selecting products that are in demand, yield good profit margins, and resonate with your target market can significantly enhance your business success. This comprehensive guide delves into strategies for finding the best items to resell, with a spotlight on utilizing tools like Resell Calendar to identify high-demand products.

Understanding Market Trends

The first step in finding the best items to resell is understanding current market trends. This requires staying updated on what products are popular, seasonal shifts, and emerging niches. Utilizing trend analysis tools, following relevant social media channels, and subscribing to industry newsletters can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences and product popularity.

Key Strategies for Finding Resellable Items

  1. Leverage Online Tools Online tools like Resell Calendar provide insights into upcoming releases and popular items, particularly in high-demand sectors like electronics, sneakers, and fashion. Such tools are invaluable for planning purchases around items expected to sell out and fetch a high resale price.
  2. Explore Thrift Stores and Estate Sales Thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales can be treasure troves for resellers. These venues often offer unique items at significantly reduced prices. Look for products that are in good condition or those that could be restored with minor repairs.
  3. Check Clearance Sections and Retail Arbitrage Retail stores often discount products for quick sale. These clearance items, especially from well-known brands, can be resold at a higher price. Retail arbitrage involves buying these discounted products and reselling them on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or even through a personal e-commerce website.
  4. Participate in Online Auctions Online auction sites like eBay can also be excellent sources for finding items to resell. Products can often be purchased at lower prices if they are not in high demand at the time of sale. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the market value of items to avoid overbidding.
  5. Utilize Wholesale Suppliers If you are looking to scale up, purchasing items from wholesale suppliers could be beneficial. This approach is particularly effective for new items that you can buy in bulk, assuming there is a stable demand. It requires a significant upfront investment but can lead to substantial profits due to lower per-unit costs.
  6. Attend Trade Shows and Industry Events Trade shows, industry events, and craft fairs are great for discovering new and trending products before they hit mainstream markets. These events offer the opportunity to network with wholesalers and other resellers, and to gain insights into upcoming trends and products.
  7. Research Historical Sales Data Platforms like eBay provide tools to research completed sales. This data can inform you about which items sell well, their average selling price, and at what times of the year certain items tend to peak in demand.
  8. Consider Niche Markets Sometimes, the most profitable items to resell aren’t the most obvious. Niche products, like collectibles, vintage goods, or specialized electronics, can offer higher profit margins because they cater to specific customer bases with less price sensitivity.
  9. Follow Social Media Trends Social media platforms can be powerful tools to gauge public interest and trends. Influencer promotions, viral products, and trending hashtags can provide insights into potential hot products before they explode in popularity.
  10. Use Inventory Management Software As you identify potentially profitable items, using inventory management software can help track your stock levels, sales velocity, and profitability. This tool is essential for scaling your business and efficiently managing multiple product lines.

Utilizing Resell Calendar for Strategic Purchases

Resell Calendar is particularly useful for keeping track of release dates for limited edition items or products that are anticipated to be in high demand. This can include anything from high-tech gadgets and popular sneakers to exclusive collectibles. The calendar allows resellers to plan and prepare their purchasing strategies, ensuring they buy at the best possible price to maximize resale profits.


Finding the best items to resell requires a blend of research, strategic buying, and keen market insights. By utilizing the strategies outlined above and tools like Resell Calendar, resellers can significantly increase their chances of picking profitable products. Whether through thrift store finds, retail arbitrage, or tapping into the latest online trends, the key to successful reselling lies in understanding consumer

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