Timur Turlov: Visionary Leader in Fintech and Philanthropy

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Timur Turlov, the visionary founder and CEO of Freedom Holding Corp., has made significant strides in the financial services industry, particularly within Kazakhstan’s fintech sector. With a firm belief in the power of digitalization, Turlov has positioned his company as a leader in innovative financial solutions.

Digital Revolution in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan offers a unique environment for fintech innovation, according to Turlov. The integration of business operations with public databases enables Freedom Holding Corp. to provide services such as digital mortgages with unprecedented efficiency. “In Kazakhstan, we can issue a digital mortgage within a day, spending only $200 per client compared to $10,000 in the U.S.,” Turlov highlights, underscoring the country’s advanced digital infrastructure.

The Foundation of a Financial Ecosystem

Turlov’s journey began in 2012 when he first identified the untapped potential in Kazakhstan’s emerging stock market. He established Freedom Finance JSC and later expanded the ecosystem with Freedom Life and Freedom Insurance. In 2020, he announced a comprehensive ecosystem combining financial and lifestyle services, aiming to offer holistic solutions to clients.

Strategic Growth and Innovation

Under Turlov’s leadership, Freedom Holding Corp. has seen rapid growth and diversification. The company launched Freedom Finance Global and Freedom Bank in 2020, offering access to global markets and digital financial products. Further expanding its portfolio, Freedom acquired Ticketon, Freedom Mobile, and Freedom Drive, along with launching Freedom Pay,, Chocotravel, and

Freedom’s Global Presence

Freedom Holding Corp. has a significant international presence, operating in 19 countries, including the U.S. and Europe. The company’s shares have been traded on Nasdaq since 2019, and its market cap has grown to over $4 billion. Freedom continues to expand, with plans to open offices in Turkey and the UAE.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

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Turlov’s commitment to social responsibility is evident through his numerous philanthropic efforts. He invests heavily in social, sporting, and ecological projects. As the president of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, Turlov has promoted the game and organized international tournaments. He also supports youth sports through initiatives like the QJ League and education through projects like the IQanat residential school and the new SDU University campus.

Personal Life and Philosophy

Despite his immense wealth, Turlov leads a modest lifestyle, focusing on reinvesting profits into the business and social projects. He believes in creating value and improving society. “I’ve put all my money into the business,” he states, reflecting his dedication to growth and innovation. Turlov also emphasizes the importance of family, spending quality time with his wife Elena and their six children.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Turlov envisions a prosperous future for Kazakhstan, driven by continued innovation and digitalization. He aims to improve the country’s global internet ranking and expand Freedom’s financial ecosystem. His efforts in social projects and business innovation highlight his commitment to making a lasting positive impact on society.


Timur Turlov’s leadership in fintech and philanthropy sets a new standard in the financial industry. His dedication to innovation, social responsibility, and family values positions him as a remarkable figure in Kazakhstan’s business landscape. As Freedom Holding Corp. continues to grow, Turlov’s vision and efforts will undoubtedly shape the future of fintech and societal development in Kazakhstan and beyond.

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