Mastering Resources: Genshin Impact Top Up for Progress

In Genshin Impact, the expansive open world promises a treasure trove of items. Your inventory grows with unique, one-time-use items encountered on your journey. Among them, exquisite event items remain as keepsakes post-events. Navigation through your inventory reveals tabs categorising these varied items. For those looking to enhance their experience further, Genshin Impact top up options provide additional resources. Platforms like U7BUY offer convenient services to procure in-game advantages, ensuring players are well-equipped for their adventures across the vibrant landscapes of Teyvat.

Acquaint Fates Obtaining and Using Them

Acquaint Fate is a valuable 5-star item in Genshin Impact. It would help if you wished on both the Standard Wanderlust Invocation banner. It would help if you also wanted on the Beginner’s Wish banner. Players can get acquainted with Fates in many ways. One primary way is the Genshin Impact Shop. You can buy them for 160 Primogems each. Or, trade 5 x Masterless Starglitter for them.

Beyond the shop, Acquaint Fates can also be obtained through gameplay milestones. One significant source is ascension. Players get three Acquaint Fates at ascension levels 1, 3, and 5 for their characters. Also, these items are sometimes sent via in-game mail. You get them from adventure rank ascension rewards and Battle Pass progression. You also get them from specific level-up rewards tied to overworld offerings.

Managing Acquaint Fates is crucial. This is for players aiming to expand their roster of characters and weapons. The banners you choose between determine the pool of characters and weapons. Players can wish for these using these fates. It influences their progression and team in the game.

Players can use these methods to optimise their gameplay in Genshin Impact. They help players gather resources for characters and weapons. The resources are based on the players’ strategies and preferences. You get Acquaint Fates through planning or regular gameplay rewards. They are a vital part of the game’s progression system. They reward exploration, event engagement, and dedication to character development.

Sigils in Genshin Impact: Types and Uses

In Genshin Impact, sigils are acquired through exploration and opening chests. They are symbols from specific cities. Currently, the game features three types of sigils: Anemo, Geo, and Electro. You can exchange these sigils at souvenir shops. They are in different regions and for various rewards.

Each type of sigil has distinct acquisition sources. For example, Electro sigils are mainly found in chests scattered throughout Inazuma. Or, they come as rewards for offerings at the Statue of the Seven. Also, Electro sigils are crucial for levelling up the Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma. They yield valuable rewards as the tree’s level increases.

Knowing how to collect and use sigils well boosts players’ abilities. It helps them gather resources and progress in Genshin Impact’s vast world. You can earn sigils by exploring new areas or interacting with critical elements. These elements include statues and souvenir shops. Sigils are a reward system. They encourage exploration and engagement throughout the game.


Getting sigils in Genshin Impact offers players varied rewards. They call them through exploration and chest openings. In Genshin Impact, whether you’re enhancing the Sacred Sakura or exchanging at shops. Using resources well is critical. Services like Genshin Impact, a top up from platforms like U7BUY, support this.

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